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Hey For Sale By Owners, Investors, Landlords, Smart Home Owners, you’re in the right place!

For a Low Flat Fee: List your Property, Guarantee Your Savings at Closing, and Do It Better Yourself with Professional Help.

are you struggling to sell your home alone?

Get Step by Step Help to Market Your Home to Buyers in Your Local MLS Save Money, Sell Faster, We Found the SHORT CUT to SAVE TIME!


Are you SICK and TIRED of agents calling off your FSBO Ad  – Asking you to list for 6% –  Seriously?


Have you come to realize that you don’t have the time you thought you had to commit to selling your home?


Isn’t dealing with showings and buyer agents Frustrating?


Do you feel overwhelmed in the process of marketing, taking calls, contracts, paperwork, negotiations?


Is trying to sell on your stressing you out?


Do you feel like Open Houses are a massive waste of your time, because NO-ONE Shows up?

Our best value plans



Hire a Coach

+ Sale or Rent

+ 1 Year Listing Term

+ 45 Photos

Included Perks

+,, Redfin, Trulia + 100’s more websites

+ Email and Priority Phone Support

+ For Sale Sign

+ Property Flyer

+ Receive Buyer Leads

+ Seller Handles All Calls, Showings, and Negotiations/ Communications

+ Electronic Key Box – extra fee

+ $150 Admin Closing Fee

+ Run Sales Comps

+ Coaching through the offer process

+ Review & discuss Sales Contract

+ Prepare & Send Counter Offer

+ Calculate Closing Costs

+ DocuSign System – Everything Online














FSBO Listing Only 

+ Sale or Rent

+ 6 Month Listing Term

+ 35 Photos

Included Perks


+,, Redfin, Trulia 100’s more websites

+ Email Support

+ For Sale Sign

+ Property Flyer

+ Receive Buyer Leads

+ Seller Handles All Calls, Showings, and Negotiations / Communications

+ Electronic Key Box – extra fee

+ No Admin Fee





FSBO Listing Only

+ Sale or Rent

+ 3 Month Listing Term

+ 10 Photos

Included Perks


+,, Redfin, Trulia 100’s more websites

+ Email Only Support

+ For Sale Sign – Extra Fee $50

+  Property Flyer

+ $150 admin closing fee


Call Now: 855-509-2437

Call Now: 855-509-2437

the full-service support you’ve been looking for

Get the essential Realtor services, without the High Commissions.


The Same service as any local, hand holding realtor


Pricing Strategy that you approve


Yager Realty FOR SALE SIGN (very important to not look FSBO)


Full Contract Support, Docusign, Seller Paperwork Completed for you


We Represent you, so you don't have to struggle by yourself!


$699due up front

+ 0.75% at close

Sale or Rent

Good Until sold

35 Photos

Yager Realty List Now

It’s Not What You Sell For

It’s How Much You Keep at Closing


  • Sellers SAVE an average of $14,887  in commissions when they list Flat Fee with Yager Realty.
  • This is Common Sense, in an Industry that HAS NONE!!
  • Everyone knows wasting money is dumb!

Don’t Wager, List with Yager!

Call Now: 855-509-2437

Call Now: 855-509-2437

How It Works

We make selling your home EASY

1. List Property

Choose your listing plan

Complete Property Information Form

E-sign Listing Documents

Review – Pre-Listing Checklist


2. Coaching Call

Schedule Video or Phone Call (Strategy Call)

We will create a written plan for you to follow

Step by step process to get your home in escrow FAST, for the HIGHEST price possible!

3. Execute Strategy

Here we will implement everything we discussed on the Strategy Coaching Call.

Discuss and Review Offers on the Property

Enhance Your Marketing Plan – Create Movement!  You need exposure, traffic, showings, these all lead to offers, then Escrow!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will buyer agents be reluctant to show my property that is listed with Yager?

No, as your listing looks just like all other listings on the MLS. You are listed the exact same way as all other listings.  Agents view stated buyer agent commission on the MLS they don’t see what you paid us, they are only concerned with how much money they will make.  There are two types of agents, the ones that eat and the ones that don’t eat.  Advertise a fair commission, price your property to Yager’s recommendation and they will show your home.

How do potential buyers contact me?

Yager Realty For Sale auto forwards calls to your mobile. Should buyers call us or email us, we give them your contact information. Our 24/7 answer system also directs them to your number.  Your number will NOT be in the ad, however you can keep your FSBO ad up which we don’t recommend.  We forward all leads and call direct to you.  We are your maketing partner we are trying to steal leads we list properties.

Can I cancel my listing at any time?

Yes, you can as long as you are not in escrow and you cannot cancel immediately after the 5 days No Pay offer.  This is a special promo, give it at least 30-60 days to cancel.  Be patient you will have success if you listen to coaching advice!

But who handles the paperwork, contract, etc?

If you add the coaching package we will handle the initial offer process, esign, documents, counter offers, form, disclosures for you ready to submit to Title/Escrow company of your choice.  We also have the Platinum package for sellers looking for Full Service support and representation.  The buyer agent will make the offer and you can do everything completely on your own or talk to our contract manager, its really up to you.

How do I receive purchase offers on my property?

You must have access to email.  Our process is 99.8% paperless.  Which means buyer agents will submit offers to your email direct.  We then coach you through the counter process all over the phone and email, using E-Sign if you choose the Gold Coaching Package.  OR you can do everything completely on your own if you would like. 

How long does it take to get listed? and sign/lockbox shipped?

We can list properties the same day if you complete property information form online, have photos ready to go, and then E-sign listing documents.  This takes typically an hour to complete if you have everything organized. 1-2 days is typical to get you live on the MLS from the time you list to Active status on MLS.

Shipping allow for 2-3 days max typically depending on where you are in CA. 

Call Now: 855-509-2437

Call Now: 855-509-2437

What over 5,900+ happy homeowners have to say about us!

Yager Saved me over $10,000

Yager saved me over $10,000!  The whole team work their tails off for you.  I would highly recommend the Yager Team if you are considering selling your property and saving a bunch of money.  Thanks Yager Team.

Edwin O.

Los Angeles, CA

Offer on my house within 7 Days!

Yager Realty got me an offer on my house within 7 days of being listed on the internet.

This is great considering the previous Realtor had the listing for 4 months without even one offer.  Thanks Yager Realty!

Chris P.

San Diego, CA

SAVED $30,000 – Found My Own Buyer

Yager realty saved me $30,000 in traditional 6% commission and only charged me .75% ($4,080) when I sold the home. I happen to bring the buyer to the table so there were no buyer agents involved.  If a buyer agent would be involved then it would have 2.5% + .75% ($19,000 in commissions)- still a savings of $11,000. 


Kevin A.

San Francisco, CA

Break-Free From Expensive Commissions, Clumsy and Inefficient Real Estate Practices

We broke free over 11 years ago from the dinosaur model – We call, O.D.(OutDated) real estate.  we found the SHORT CUT to results, efficient systems, Easy Process, SMART Technology. While you List Your Property Online and Keep the Control to Do as You Please Inside our Model!

Because Tipping Agents is Wasting Money!

Call Now: 855-509-2437

Call Now: 855-509-2437

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